** NPR 7150.2 Revision C was approved August 2nd, 2019.  The SEPG is working on an update to LPR 7150.2 that conforms with NPR 7150.2C.  Until LPR 7150.2 is updated, the content on this site will continue to reflect a mix of NPR 7150.2C and LPR 7150.2B.  However, changes in NPR 7150.2C take precedence over LPR 7150.2B, and new projects are expected to comply with NPR 7150.2C. **

SWE Process Improvement Initiative (SPII) Goals:
The goals of the LaRC SPII are to improve the quality, safety, and reliability of software developed for or by LaRC, to increase the productivity of the developers, and to increase customer satisfaction with LaRC software products.
Introduction to Software Engineering Seminar: A standalone slide seminar with the instructors words included in the notes at the bottom of each slide. Introduction to Software Engineering
Software Engineering Process Group (SEPG):
The LaRC SEPG is chartered to plan, facilitate, and monitor the development and implementation of software process improvements across the Center. See SEPG Responsibilities and LMS-CP-1150.2 Councils, Boards, Panels, Committees, Teams, and Groups  for more details.
-LaRC’s SEPG Chair: Jonathan Gleason
-LaRC’s SEPG Representative for Contracts: Michael Madden
-LaRC’s SEPG Metrics Manager: Michael Madden
-LaRC’s SEPG  Representative for Software Assurance: Leslie Johnson (LaRC Mission Assurance Branch)
-LaRC’s Representative to the Agency Software Working Group (SWG): Keith Boadway
Software Engineering Process Group (SEPG) Representatives

Center Software Assurance Manager: Leslie Johnson
Per LPR 7150.2, the Center Software Assurance Manager performs independent assessment of the NPR 7150.2 software class and NASA-STD-8739.8 safety-critical determination for all engineering software (Class A through Class E). The Center Software Assurance Manager also performs software assurance on all Requirements Mapping Matrices. LPR 7150.2 requires projects to contact the Center Software Assurance Manager for the independent assessment of software class and safety-critical determination and for review and concurrence of Requirements Mapping Matrices (formerly called Compliance Matrices).

Center CIO Authority: Jon Welters (acting)
The LaRC Chief Information Officer designates the Center CIO Authority who is responsible for reviewing and approving the tailoring of cybersecurity requirements in NPR 7150.2. Any Requirements Mapping Matrix (formerly called a Compliance Matrix) that tailors the cybersecurity requirements must be reviewed and signed by the Center CIO Authority

-LMS Software procedure help desk phone number: 864-8399 (Michael Madden’s Office Phone)